About Us

Way back in 2009, Prachi had a dream.  The dream was simple in thought but big in outcome.  To help people facing issues of mental health. The issues like depression, anxiety, relationships, marital problems. She thought it would be great to have a common forum wherein people could find help easily – more importantly – privately.

She wanted to harness the two great powers of the internet – ease and anonymity. Providing these two facets would allow anyone, anywhere to seek help. Without facing stigma. From the comfort and privacy of their space.

However, there were not many takers. The old school therapists and counsellors in India did not really like the idea of online counseling. They thought, it would never work. And boy were they wrong!

Notwithstanding, in 2009 Prachi went ahead and launched the first ever Online Counseling Website of India – www.HopeNetwork.in.

The progress was slow, but steady.

Then the most amazing thing happened.  There were volunteers from all over the world.  There was Stephen Manning from the UK, Micki Lavin-Pell from Israel and Paola Gobbi from the Netherlands who initially even conducted free sessions across the world just to show the power of quality psychotherapy…how truly qualified help can change lives…and the magic happened!

Then in 2014, Prachi was joined by four more therapists who shared the passion for helping people out through the modern media of internet and the invention of Mr Graham Bell – the phone.

These four awesome therapists are Ashwini, Ruchi, Bibin and Bijin.  Each one of them is a master of online counseling in India.

All the five therapists have counseled people from around the world.  Yes, you read that right. around the world including India, Australia. UK and USA!

So… what’s with Hope Therapy?

The Move(?) to Hope Therapy

First off, not a ‘move’ people – it’s a bifurcation.  HopeNetwork.in provided all kinds of mental health services, premium and free.  We realised that this confused a major section of our users.  Hence we decided to split our interface with our users in terms of free and personalised services. HopeNetwork.in will continue to provide easily accessible free services and Hope Therapy is going to be home tp personalised premium services.

So we wondered. what should be the name of this hub for personalised premium services?

We didn’t want to veer too far from our original ‘hope’ful name – one. because we love it and two, because we didn’t want to confuse our fans and followers!

So the choice to call this portal “Hope Therapy” came quite naturally. Where our other free portal is a NETWORK for like-minded people who come together, talk, discuss, express their opinions, and share their stories. Our new portal is solely focused on quality psychotherapy and counselling. it’s purely about high quality, premium, and specialised psychological services that has only one goal – therapy and healing. 

So that’s how, the Hope Therapy came into existence.

Its the same team of five therapists that have been running the HopeNetwork.in with same values and ethos.  And they continue to provide the services on both the portals.

The Hope Team

People who bring hope!!!
Prachi S Vaish

Prachi S Vaish

Founder and Chief Psychologist. Prime mover behind Hope Therapy and HopeNetwork.in

She has this almost miraculous skill to make you at ease. And then, she just takes all your worries off. 

An avid writer, counsellor, artist, amazing cook, doting mother to a energetic young brat and loving wife to an Air Force pilot, she wears multiple hats – all at the same time.

Ashwini Deshpande

The thousand watt smile says it all. Chirpy Ashwini has the knack of making that special place in your heart. She’s highly qualified and speaks five languages.

Impressed yet??

Ruchi Trivedi

Ruchi Trivedi

A bubbly girl, full of love for life, she knows how to take the ups and downs of life in her stride. She is blessed with exceptional emotional resilience and uses the same quality to help her clients through tough times!

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