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Micki Lavin-Pell, MS, MA has been a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist since 2002. Micki completed her training at Alma Family Therapy in Melbourne, Australia. She currently lives in Jerusalem, Israel and sees clients from all over the world via Skype. She is also a qualified Prepare/Enrich educator. Prepare/Enrich is a research based program that exists in 13 different countries and has been proven to help newly-married and engaged couples create more successful and long lasting marriages. Micki has been offering the Prepare/Enrich program both individually as well as in groups for more than 5 years. Since completing her coursework, Micki has had the pleasure of counseling both individuals and couples from varied and diverse backgrounds. Her work primarily consists of working with individuals who are looking to get married or couples in the early years of marriage looking for skills to improve all aspects of their relationship (communication, conflict resolution, finance, intimacy, in-laws, goal setting, etc…). She has co-developed a workshop on dating entitled Dating with a Difference with Dating Coach, Linda Bezaleli, and she is also the Director of Beineinu (“Together”) an organization aimed at helping people meet their life partner.
Micki, in her private practice believes that we all have the ability to create and develop the relationship that we desire. Visit her website if you want to get in touch with her!


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