Workshop : Therapy Basics – Trauma Counselling


ATTENTION:  Registrations for this workshop has ended.  You can bookmark this page for next workshop.

Want to avoid pitfalls in diagnosis of your client?  You sure do!  No psychologist wants to carry the weight of misdiagnosing a client’s condition. And yet many of us end up doing so until they have gained enough experience and learned from it.

Question is – Do you really want to do the disservice to the client that trusted you with his/ her life?

Lets learn from the expert, her experience and be better prepared to accurately diagnose the conditions.  Prachi S Vaish, The Founder of India’s first ever online counselling portal is conducting a workshop. And you do not want to be left behind!

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ATTENTION:  Registrations for this workshop has ended.  You can bookmark this page for next workshop.

“I’m depressed. I feel low all the time and have lost all interest in life”

What would you think if a client says this to you? Depression, right? And most likely you will start applying the treatment for the same.

But do you know that the effects of past trauma can manifest as depression and get misdiagnosed?

Prachi S Vaish has worked in the field of trauma for many years now and is adept at recognizing subtle signs of hidden trauma and PTSD. Join her exclusive one day training program to understand the effects of trauma, the signs of PTSD and the treatment approach. She will share her own case studies and experiences and there will be a special focus on domestic violence and emotional abuse. You will taken on a journey into the minds of abusers and their tactics and how victims can break free.

So register now and enroll for this first of its kind hands-on workshop!

WHO CAN ATTEND: Psychologists, psychology students, social workers, MSW graduates, NGO professionals


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